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Computer Shopper is the UK's biggest technology magazine providing you with more in-depth reviews than any other computing title. Each issue is packed full of product tests you can trust and page after page of tutorials that really work.


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Each issue is packed with how to guides to help you get more from your PC, in-depth troubleshooting advice, and features on everything from finding out which upgrade is best for your computer to choosing your perfect laptop.

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Inside every issue of Computer Shopper, you'll find:
  • Essential buying guide The ultimate resource for product reviews and ratings, our huge What's New section brings you the best new PC kit, so that you know what you're buying really is the best of the best.
  • Get the most from your computer Have you got a spreadsheet that doesn't add up or a Word document that needs a text-formatting macro? Our Learn and Help sections can help you with all of these problems and ensure you're getting the very best from your computer.
  • Expert Advice Each issue of Computer Shopper contains page after page of tutorials that really work. Whether your interest is in building websites, photography or using Linux we'll be able to help you get that little bit more.