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Meet the Team

Madeline Bennett - Editor

Madeline has been covering the technology market since 2000, and lived through those dark days when we didn’t get to see images of someone else’s lunch/kids/kittens every two seconds. Nowadays she’s fascinated by how technology can impact and improve society and people’s lives. Outside of work, she’s a long-suffering Spurs fan

David Ludlow - Group Editor

David has been fascinated by technology since he first set eyes on the ZX Spectrum 48K. A fan of smartphones, tablets and home automation, he also specialises in home networking. David has worked in tech publishing for 16 years, working on PCW before moving to Computer Shopper. Outside of work, he's a keen wildlife photographer and mildly obsessed with coffee.

James Archer - Reviews Editor

James became a technology journalist sometime in the early 21st century. He is currently in charge of the Computer Shopper reviews section, writing the PC and component reviews, and fighting a losing battle to keep the testing labs at least somewhat tidy.

Dave Neal - News Editor

Dave has been writing about technology for longer than is good for him. He started when people were making money out of the millennium bug, avoided investing in a candy-coloured Apple desktop, blogged for a dog, battled through software as a service and managed to keep his head above the Internet of Things. Invention and innovation are his thing, and he can most often be found digging deep into the strange, obscure and unusual, and the barely held together. Dave works at home with a wife, his dog, and usually a very grumpy telephone manner.

Chris Merriman - Reviews Writer

Chris has spent most of his life seeking out the latest tech and praying for it to break so he can take to it with a soldering iron. A seasoned journalist (meaning old) and mostly retired DJ, Chris now spends most of his time trying to create the house of the future and praying it doesn't eat him. Chris is an Android aficionado with a strong dislike for, well, most things actually. He can be found in Shopper reviewing storage, network, security and software products, as well as writing the odd feature, usually about something eccentric he's done in the name of science.

Lee Bell - Features Writer

Fascinated by the latest innovations in tech and how they are changing the way we live our lives, Lee is a freelance technology journalist with a penchant for feature writing in areas such as virtual reality, AI, the Internet of Things, space, science and not forgetting chips (both the computational and fried varieties).

Seth Barton - Contributing Editor

After an extended youth playing video games and waiting tables, Seth eventually studied film at university as a mature student, and then spent a few years at the BBC publishing games for younglings. He started at Dennis Publishing more than 10 years ago as a Staff Writer on Computer Shopper, and is now a Contributing Editor on the magazine. When not working, he lives in South East London, watches West Ham play football, and enjoys games, cycling, burgers, hoppy ales and writing about himself in the third person.

Katharine Byrne

When Katharine's not glued to her Wii U and 3DS, she's usually found darting between tiny smartphones and huge pieces of home cinema equipment. She specialises in writing reviews about all the latest gadgets.