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This month's issue

Here's what's in this month's issue of Computer Shopper magazine

August 2019 - issue 378

Computer Shopper cover August 2019 - issue number 378

  • Unlock Alexa's secrets - the ultimate guide: Everything you need to know about the popular, versatile voice assistant, from setting up and customising your devices to crating your own personal Skills that do exactly what they're told.
  • Quantum Challenge: Quantum computers could soon hit the mainstream, as companies including Intel and IBM pour resources into the field. Mike Bedford explains the science behind the technology, and asks how close we are to a quantum leap in computing performance.
  • Hot Product - Apple iPad Mini: The Apple iPad Mini makes a surprise return with a new 2019 model. It has the same general design as iPad Minis of old, but big upgrades to the screen and internals make it a tempting premium tablet.
  • Group tests - Security cameras: With prices starting at just £20, it's never been cheaper - or easier - to keep an eye on your property (and your pets). We test eight of the best.
  • Best buys: Looking for the best kit we've reviewed recently? It's all in our Best Buys section  
  • Money for Old Rope: Retro Gaming is coming to the masses with the launch of a new service dubbed 'Netflix for games'. David Crookes meets the man behind the project that's been years in the making.
  • And a lot more...

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